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My Central Heating & Hot Water Isn’t Working

If you’ve come home from work and you’ve discovered that you’ve got no central heating or hot water then don’t panic because there could be a reasonable explanation as why this has happened. To help you identify the cause of the fault, continue reading.

Is the Thermostat Turned Up?

It might be that because the weather has gone extremely cold, the thermostat needs turning up to compensate for the cold environment. To check if this is the case, try turning the thermostat on full and see if this makes a difference to the temperature of the house and/or water. You might be surprised.

Has the Pilot Light Gone Out?

It sounds too simple to be the case, but it’s surprising how many call-outs could be avoided with a simple check. This is more common with older appliances and will just need turning on if it has gone out.

Is the Water, Electrical and/or Gas Supply to the Appliance Turned On?

This should be the first thing you check – it’s very easy to turn of the supply to an appliance without knowing it. So double check and if it’s not then at least you can tick it of the list and tell the plumber when he comes out.

Has There Been a Power Cut?

If there has been a power cut then your clock may have returned to factory settings and need re-programming. This is easy to check and will save you from needlessly calling out a plumber.

Have Your Pipes Frozen?

With the weather taking an icy turn for the worst it could be that your pipes have frozen. If you think this is a possibility make sure click here to see our last post.

Turn it Off & On

The switch is normally located near the boiler and may reset the boiler and resolve the problem. Try this and if this doesn’t work than it may be time to pick up the phone and call in a plumber from Luton.

At Aquaworks Plumbing & Heating Ltd our plumbers have the expertise and the experience to identify and fix the problem with minimum fuss. To learn more telephone us on 01234 822 800.



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