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My Pipes Have Frozen What Should I Do?

If your pipes have frozen don’t panic because there is help; here at Aquaworks Plumbing & Heating Ltd we have devised this helpful guide which outlines the cause of your frozen pipes, how you can treat your problem and what you should do in the future to prevent the possibility of frozen pipes arising.

The Cause

A frozen pipe will usually occur during long spells of cold weather, and will typically affects the pipe which carries condensation from the boiler to the drain outside; however it can affect all pipes which are exposed to the elements. The water inside the pipe can freeze, you’ll notice this because this will restrict the flow of water and in the worst case scenario the pipe will burst. In both instances you need to turn of the water.

A burst or frozen pipe will leave a home without heat or hot water, which isn’t an ideal situation in the height of winter.

The Solution

There are a few things you can try yourself, and these include;

- Holding a Hot Water Bottle to the Pipe
- Pour Hot, Not Boiling, Water Onto the Pipe
- Do Not Use a Blow Torch

Once you have tried one or both of these methods try switching on the boiler and seeing if this has worked. If it hasn’t, it may be worth trying this method a few more times but if the pipe still remains frozen make sure you call in a professional. At Aquaworks Plumbing & Heating Ltd we have a team of fully qualified plumbers in Luton who will be able to come and solve your problem. They will also give you some tip on how to prevent this from happening again, some of which have been listed below.

The Prevention

To prevent your pipes from freezing over please following the following tips;

- Insulate hot water tanks
- Insulate pipes
- Leave the heating on low continuously
- Leave loft doors and hatches open to allow heat to warm the pipes through

If you’re stuck call in the experts here at Aquaworks Plumbing & Heating Ltd on 0123 482 2800.

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