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How to Bleed Your Radiators

If you’ve noticed that one of your radiators is only hot at the bottom and not the top or it’s not heating up at all then you may need to bleed your radiator. This sounds worse than it actually is, and it is the process whereby you release any trapped air within the radiator. At Aquaworks Plumbing & Heating Ltd we are professional plumbers, and while you can call us to bleed your radiator for you we have devised the following guide for any enthusiastic DIYers who want to give it a go themselves.

Step One: Get the Right Tools

Before you begin, you need to have all the right tools to hand to ensure that you are fully prepared before you starting bleeding your radiator. Below is list of items you will need;

- Radiator Key
- Bucket/Tub
- Old Towel/Cloth

Step Two: Turn the Heating Off

Before you try and bleed the radiator, make sure you turn the heating off and leave it a while to cool down. The last thing you want to do is try and bleed the radiator while the water is hot as this could burn you should any of the water escapes.

Step Three: Open the Valve

Before you open the valve, position the tub beneath the radiator and have the cloth to hand, then gently open the valve using the radiator key. When you do this you will hear a hiss as any trapped air is released – keep the valve open until water begins to come out. Don’t panic if the water comes out black as this is perfectly normal.

Once water begins to come out close the valve, wipe up any excess water and turn the heating back on to see if this has resolved the problem. If not, please get in touch for a plumber in Luton and call us today on 01908 415 266.

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