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Help! My Radiator is Leaking

Noticing a leak anywhere in your home can be extremely worrying so if you have realised that water is escaping from your radiator, the first thing to do is not to panic. This does not have to be a disaster situation and the damage can easily be limited by following easy steps.

Firstly, turn off the valve at each end of the radiator immediately. To do this you need to turn the plastic handle clockwise on one valve, on the other you will need to remove the plastic cap and by using a spanner you will be able to shut off the radiator.

If your radiator has a thermostatic valve then although you may already have turned off the radiator it may open automatically due to the cold temperatures that we are all too familiar with in Britain. The radiator may therefore still leak even when the valve has been turned off.

The next stage is a pretty simple one, grab a bucket. Use any type of water-collecting apparatus you wish but it is essential that you do this as soon as possible to avoid your floor being damaged or any more serious issues arising. The last thing you want as well as having to fix a radiator is having to replace part of your floor. It may help to place a plastic bag behind the radiator to direct the water into the bucket.

Finally, the best and most simple solution to solve your radiator problem is to call us at Aquaworks. We have a wealth of experience throughout our company in areas such as leaks, repairs, solar energy and also underfloor heating. We offer a 24 hour emergency plumbing service so whatever the time of day or night we are more than happy to help.

So to answer all your plumbing questions or to book a call out from one of our plumbers in Milton Keynes call us on 01908 415266 or contact us via our online form.

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