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Why Invest in Underfloor Heating?

With global warming taking a toll on the climate in almost every part of the world, the majority of the modern-day population is bound to spend at least 21 out of every 24 hours in some kind of artificial climate setup. Underfloor heating is one such technology that helps create a warm atmosphere artificially and is considered far from being a relatively new concept, as its usage dates back to the Roman era. In the past few years, the electric heating elements, buried under the floor screeds, were generally heated overnight using electricity, and were used for keeping the interiors warm. This method, however, proved to be expensive to operate and was also uncontrollable.

Utilising high proficiency boilers, and ultra-modern multi-layer pipes and ideal control systems, the modern-day underfloor heating systems are extremely comfortable, productive and well controllable. The systems are not only beneficial to the homeowners, but are also good for the environment. Though not comprehensive, the list of benefits outlined below will provide enough reasons for investing in underfloor heating systems for your property.


Regular radiators are usually made to work at high temperatures, generally ranging from 65 to 70 degrees C, to heat one room intensely. However, underfloor heating systems operate at a controllable temperature of around 35 degrees C, and the warmth is distributed in an even manner from beneath the surface, thereby providing greater comfort to those in the vicinity.


As they operate at relatively low temperatures and distribute the produced heat evenly throughout the property, underfloor heating systems can be more efficient against traditional heating systems. Moreover, the inclusion of thermostat for controlling the temperature adds further positives to the efficiency of these systems.


Underfloor heating systems are extremely long-lasting in nature and require very little maintenance. Provided that they are manufactured and installed as per industry standards, they can guarantee a working life of 25-50 years, thereby eliminating the need for regular repairs and maintenance work.

Reduced Bills

Being more efficient in comparison to the traditional heating systems, underfloor heating devices have the potential to reduce energy bills considerable. Depending upon the home insulation and how often and at what temperature the system is used, homeowners can cut costs when it comes to household bills.

Space Savings

Being installed underground, underfloor heating systems can eliminate the need for extra space to install radiators, thereby saving a great deal of wall space.

In conclusion, underfloor heating systems can clearly offer a range of benefits to a setting, so get in touch with us here at Aquaworks to find out more about what we can do for you.

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