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When Should I Service My Boiler?

Most of us aren’t thinking about our heating mechanisms when the sun is shining, heat is of little concern when the temperatures are soaring and we’re spending more time outdoors, but if you want to make sure your system is in top working condition when you need it the summer is the perfect time to undergo any maintenance or even invest in something new!

Spend When Your Bills Are Reduced

Our heating bills drop during the summer so it’s ideal to spend a little bit of our extra time and money giving our boilers some much needed attention, it can even help you spend less money when the chilly spells return. Older boilers tend to be much less efficient than newer models, this is reflected in your monthly gas bill so by upgrading your system with heating controls you will put money back in your pocket in the months to come.

Take Advantage Of Down Time

Summer tends to be a lull period for many suppliers and manufacturers, couple this with the fact that you’re in no hurry for heat so can spend some time shopping around and you have the perfect scenario for grabbing a great deal on a new system.

Adjust Your Settings And Check Everything’s In Order

Even if you have a modern system that’s running well you can still give it a few tweaks to increase efficiency in the summer. Your living habits change in the warmer months so adjust your controls accordingly to reflect your heating and hot water requirements.

Keep An Eye On Your Pumps

Remember that your boiler and central heating system is composed of moving parts, if you leave them static all summer long they’re more likely to seize up when you need them. A top tip is to turn up your thermostat at least once a month so your pipes get some much needed exercise.

Here at Aquaworks Plumbing & Heating Ltd our fully qualified and experienced heating engineers are on hand all summer long to provide you with second to none boiler maintenance. If you want to make sure your boiler will be there for you when you need it again get in touch with us today on:

Bedford: 01234 822 800
Milton Keynes: 01908 415 266
Luton: 01582 966 599
St Albans: 0127 568 147

or online, we’re here to help.

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